Consolidate credit card debt

How else can you consolidate credit card debts?

Drowning in a sea of credit card debt? Learn how consolidating the debt into one easy-to-manage loan can help you stay afloat.

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Credit card signup deals

Credit Card Signup Deals – Are They Worth It?

Credit card signup deals can look tempting and can be good value – if you get the right one.

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a pile of bank and credit cards

Visa or Mastercard: which is better?

An evaluation of the four major card networks in Australia and the differences between them.

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old man sleeping on airport couch

Does your credit card have airport lounge access?

Some premium credit cards have complimentary airport lounge entry as an added feature. Is it worth it?

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Balance transfer debt traps

Don’t Fall For These Balance Transfer Traps

A balance transfer can help you sort out your credit card debt, so long as you don’t fall for the traps. 

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International credit card fees

Be wary of international fees on credit cards

Regular spending on your credit card in a foreign country can sting you in ways you might not even know about.

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Credit cards for bad credit

Credit cards for people with bad credit: What’s the catch?

It’s difficult to get a credit card in Australia with bad credit, but not impossible. Here’s how you can get one and work towards improving that credit score. 

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credit card fees

Common credit card fees and how you can avoid them

The common credit card fees you probably don’t want to know about, but should.

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Credit card interest

Interest on credit cards: How does it work?

Around $32.2 billion of Australia’s $51.5 billion credit card debt is being charged interest.

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House buying checklist

Checklist for buying a house

Read our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to buying a house if you’re ready to make your move. 

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