Rejected tax deduction

No, your wedding reception is not tax-deductible

The ATO has released a list of some of the more bizarre claims people have made on their tax returns.

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HILDA report

No pay rise for Aussies in eight years

The median household disposable income for Australians hasn’t gone up in eight years. In fact, it’s gone slightly backwards.

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Up doesnt cut savings rates

These banks haven’t passed on a rate cut to savings accounts in July

Who are the few banks that haven’t cut savings rates this month?

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RACQ cheapest cars

RACQ reveals the cheapest and most expensive cars to own in 2019

Queensland’s peak motoring body analysed more than 140 different popular vehicles in its Private Vehicle Expenses 2019 research.

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Westpac NAB savings term deposits

Westpac, NAB & others cut savings account and term deposit rates

More banks cut interest rates for savers this week, with Westpac and NAB headlining the latest movements.

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86 400 new bank

86 400 becomes Australia’s newest bank

Australia has a brand-new bank on the market, so what makes it different?

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Credit limit increase

How to increase your credit limit (and whether you should)

Maxed out a credit card or two recently?

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Minimum wage vs living wage
Income and wealth

The average Aussie is a millionaire (sort of)

The average Australian household’s wealth in 2017-18 exceeded $1 million, a 37% increase from last decade.

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July term deposit rate changes