September 23, 2018

About Health Insurance in Australia when You have a Working Holiday Visa

We all know that health insurance is very important. You’ll never know what will happen in your life so it’s best to always be prepared for anything, especially in an unfortunate event that you got sick or injured. Having a health insurance is likewise essential when working overseas. Obviously, different countries vary in insurance policies that they offer.

Working holiday insurance covers manual and non-manual work, guide work, retail, teaching, childcare, tourism, and work on cruise ships.

Do you have plans of working or taking a working holiday in Australia? Overseas working visitors need to obtain proper working visa for employment eligibility. Aside from that, you need to get health insurance since medical costs can be expensive when you get sick or injured, unless your home country is under a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement. In that case, you may get some benefits from Medicare which is the public healthcare system that offers health services at discounted prices for most Australians.

Here are other things to consider when it comes to health care plans in Australia for overseas working visitors:

Know what is covered by the health insurance

Coverage of health care plans varies depending on the insurer but in general, a working holiday insurance covers manual and non-manual work, guide work, retail, teaching, childcare, tourism, and work on cruise ships. Of course, there are types of work that working holiday insurance policies don’t cover. These include personal liability, working at heights of at least five metres above ground, offshore work, as well as mining or work underground. Make sure to ask what a certain health insurance covers before signing any document.

Compare several options

There are several insurance providers so when looking for cheap health care plans, do your research. The options available may be overwhelming but take time to check the features and offerings of a few insurers and see which best suits your needs.

Look beyond the cost

While we’re all for saving money, it does not mean automatically getting the cheapest health care plan there is. Your health and safety are of utmost importance and we all know that insurance can be expensive, so strike a balance between what you can afford and what meets your healthcare requirements so you’ll be covered throughout your stay in Australia. Besides, it’s better to have comprehensive coverage that having to deal with medical costs when something unfortunate happens during your stay in the country.

Do you have other tips on cheap health insurance in Australia and working holiday visa? Share your ideas on health cover in the comments section.

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