September 18, 2018

Understanding Different Types of Health Care Cover

While you strive to stay healthy through proper diet and exercise, there may come a time when you get sick and need to be confined in a hospital. Everybody knows that hospital and other medical-related costs can be expensive. That is why it is important to have health insurance. It serves as your security blanket, knowing that there’s something you can depend on in times of sickness.

Why do you need health insurance?

This serves as your security blanket, knowing that there’s something you can depend on in times of sickness.

Who doesn’t want to get cheap health insurance? But we need to understand that affordability is just one of the deciding factors. Look at several health care plans and choose what meets both your needs and budget. It is likewise important to know the different types of health care cover. In this article, learn more about hospital cover, extras cover, ambulance cover, overseas visitor cover, and corporate plans.

Hospital Cover

When you have hospital cover it will help cover the costs of in-hospital treatment and other related expenses. Make sure to check the Medicare Benefits Schedule as medical services are usually listed in it. There are hospital services that are not covered under the MBS. Hospital cover falls under four categories: top private hospital cover, medium private hospital cover, basic private hospital cover, and public hospital cover.

Extras Cover

The extras cover or excess is what you agree to pay for the cost of hospital treatment in exchange of lower premiums. The amount you need to pay depends on your private health insurance policy, and you will pay that amount for each day that you stay in the hospital. It can also be paid the first time you go to the hospital.

Ambulance Cover

This health care cover covers costs related to treatments by paramedics as well as ambulance transport. Medicare doesn’t cover emergency transport and ambulance services, and the ambulance insurance cover will provide the assistance that you need for urgent medical care. Ambulance cover comes in two types: emergency ambulance and comprehensive ambulance.

Overseas Visitor Cover

An Overseas Visitors Health Cover is designed for those who are visiting Australia with a temporary visa. This provides coverage for costs incurred when you need to consult a doctor or stay in a hospital. In some instances, one of the visa requirements is a health insurance.

Corporate Health Policy

This refers to the health care plan that an employer gets for their employees. There are three ways this policy is paid for. It can be fully funded when the employer offers a corporate plan as an employee benefit. It can also be partially funded wherein employees and employer share the cost. Another method of payment is voluntary wherein the employees have the option to join a policy and pay for it themselves.

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