September 23, 2018

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from an Insurance Claim when You are Away

There are certain instances where we need to leave the house for a few days, be it a business trip or a family vacation in Australia. While it’s good to have an opportunity to travel, it is essential to protect yourself and your home from intruders and may eventually push you to make insurance claims. Here are five ways to protect yourself from an insurance claim when you are away:

Having a dog will be good to prevent thieves from breaking into your home.

Lock your doors and windows

This is a no-brainer and yet a lot of people fail to lock access points to their homes, probably since they’re already in a hurry when they leave the house. But even if you’re just going out for a short period of time, make sure to lock your doors and windows.

Set up an alarm system

Give your home an additional layer of defense against intruders by installing an alarm. If you don’t have one, having a dog will be just as good to prevent thieves from breaking into your home.

Guard your keys

Some people tend to keep their keys under their doormat when they’re going away for a trip. Since having access to the keys to your home is the easiest way for other people to go inside your home, be very careful with where you keep them and who you entrust them with.

Ask help from neighbours

One strong indicator that you’re not at home for a certain period of time is the amount of mails in your mailbox or at your doorstep. Another sign is an empty driveway for several days. Ask your neighbours if they can get your mail while you’re away. You can also ask if they can park their vehicle once in a while in your driveway so intruders would think twice about breaking into your home.

Keep your home insurance updated 

For your peace of mind, it pays to have a home insurance so you will have something to depend on when an unfortunate incident occurs. There are so many types of policies out there, so compare home insurance from several insurers so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

These are simple tips to keep your possessions away from harm while you’re away. To better protect your home, it is wise to get a home insurance. From a wide range of policies, compare home insurance from a few insurance companies so you would know which meets your requirements.

Do you have other tips on home insurance comparison to get the best home insurance that meets your family’s needs in Australia? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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