September 21, 2018

5 quirky tips for Aussies to save money in 2017

Once you’ve got the standard savings tricks happening you need to think a little outside the box to find more ways to save money in Australia.

It’s likely you have tried some of the more common savings tips. You know, stuff like:

  • Make your coffee at home.
  • Save all your coins up.
  • Use fuel discount vouchers.

These common tips are quite useful to a point and a great place to start your cost cutting journey. If you are already doing them, and you’re looking for more ways on how tto save money for your household budget here are five quirky tips for you.

Cut you own hair

Or your partner’s and kids’ hair. The best thing about hair is that it is super forgiving. If you mess up the cut, just give it a few weeks and you can have another shot. You can pick up a decent hairdressing kit for the price of a standard ladies cut, so it doesn’t take long to see savings.

Never buy soap or shampoo

While you could just go without soap and shampoo, with a bit of frugalness you can get them from free. Hotels have an infinite supply of shower goodies which come with every room. If you never travel put the word out to your friends and family to stash them for you.

Eat ‘icky’ meat

Meat is expensive but nutrient-packed and not to mention tasty! One way to eat meat on the cheap is to eat organs. Liver, kidney, heart, lung, tongue, intestine, brain… They are all relatively inexpensive and generally more nutritious.

Don’t buy drinks

If you go out for a meal don’t buy any drinks. Yes, you can eat out while you are saving, just don’t waste money on things you can easily do yourself. Most places pour drinks from a bottle into your cup and then charge you 3x the price, just ask for water.

Integrate exercise and your life

Instead of paying for a gym membership or fitness classes, make physical activity part of your day. It is totally free to run or ride to work. Another idea is to carry a week’s worth of shopping from the checkout to your car. I guarantee it is just as hard anything you will do at boot camp!

If you are searching for new ways to save money in Australia for 2017, try some of these quirky tips. You’ll save more and be a more interesting person.

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