September 18, 2018

What is Replica Furniture?

Furnishing a home is an exciting activity. Homeowners look forward to buying furniture pieces for their own home. Obviously, it costs money, and depending on your needs and preferences, the total cost can leave a hole in your pocket.

What is Replica Furniture?

It is usually a copy of a design from the 1960s and 1970s, in which the copyright protection has already expired.

But if you want to save some cash without sacrificing the quality and overall aesthetic appeal of your furniture, you can do some research and explore your options so you can have cheap furniture that can work around your budget. One of these is purchasing replica furniture.

What is replica furniture? It is usually a copy of a design from the 1960s and 1970s, in which the copyright protection has already expired. It can also be that copyright was never in place. Because of this, shops can legally promote furniture as replica. In Australia, you can see a lot of pieces in stores and even online.

A lot of people cannot afford to buy genuine designer furniture. Many Australian companies offer replica furniture at much lower prices compared to the original. That is why there is always a high demand for replica pieces.

Obviously, this takes a toll on designers. In Australia, they don’t get enough legal protection for their work. In most cases, they also don’t get the royalties. A protection is in place which states that a design should be registered before creating the furniture. This is called the Designs Act 2003. A design will be eligible for registration if it is distinctive and unique in the sense that no other design is identical to it. It should be different from all other designs that were already published in Australia and even outside the country.

When a design is registered, the designer will get exclusive rights to producing and selling his/her work. It can also be that a license will be assigned to a manufacturer who wants to mass produce the design.

Furniture designers get protection for their work for only 10 years, unlike in architectural work that has protection for 70 years. Once the 10-year period ends, replica furniture will start emerging, without giving any form of compensation or royalty to designers.

Should you buy replica furniture? It depends on you. If you’re looking for cheap furniture then you may consider buying replica pieces. You can check various furniture stores and online retailers for great items that will suit your home.

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