October 17, 2018

4 Sneaky Ways to Save Money that Grocery Stores don’t Want You to Know

Going to the grocery store can make you spend more than you should. As much as you want to save on groceries, overspending is very likely to happen, especially with the stores’ clever ways of promoting products that you don’t really need but end up buying anyway.

Don’t let their marketing tricks get in the way of your money saving goals at the grocery store. In this post, learn several ways on how to save money buying groceries:

  • The bigger, the better? Not necessarily.

    It is often said that you can save a lot of cash when you buy in bulk. This still holds true, but not all the time. If a certain product has multiple sizes available at the store, check the unit price and see if buying the smaller size is cheaper compared to buying it in bigger sizes or larger quantities.

  • Check the bottom shelves.

    More often than not, we tend to get the first items that we see in a particular section. Grocery stores take advantage of this by putting more expensive items at eye level. To beat this trick, make sure to look at the bottom shelf. Bargain-priced options are likely to be there. A better way is to scan the entire shelf and compare prices. It’s all about taking a balanced approach to goods. If you’ve tried a certain brand at a slightly higher price then buy that product. As much as possible, stick to your budget without compromising quality.

  • Don’t always fall for the ‘buy 2 and get x for free” marketing trap.

    Who doesn’t love free items? Sure, it looks like you can save money buying groceries with free goods, but why buy two items when you only need one? In this case, you don’t save any money. In fact, you spend more

  • Be cautious about “year-round sale” signs.

    Some grocery stores have big Sale signs at their windows and of course, you’ll see a lot of people coming in to get great deals. But notice that there are products that are not sold at lower prices – only some products are. It’s a marketing technique that aims to increase foot traffic but people end up buying products that are not on sale.

There are so many ways to save money at the grocery store. When it comes to grocery shopping, take your time to check various brands and compare unit prices. Follow these tips on how to save money buying groceries and you can outsmart those clever marketing techniques at grocery stores.

Got other ways on how to save money at the grocery store? Share your insights with us.

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