September 18, 2018

6 Supermarket Sales Tricks You Fall For

Food takes a huge chunk of the household budget  so many people come up with strategies to save money on food. Grocery shopping is one area where you can save a lot of money if you know how to dodge the common supermarket tactics that attract consumers to buy unnecessary items.

Supermarkets use colour psychology

Red attracts more attention, and people usually associate that colour with a discounted price.

Their techniques are so effective that before you know it, you will buy the items even if you don’t need them. It’s a sale for them but a waste of money for you.

How can you save money when it comes to grocery shopping? It’s essential to know what you need to avoid.

Here are six supermarket sales tricks a lot of people fall for:

#1 You can’t go wrong with specials and promos

Anything that is at a discounted price or that comes with a free item is attractive, even though we don’t need it. It’s an effective marketing strategy that supermarkets often use.

#2 Supermarkets take advantage of paths with the highest foot traffic

It is said that many consumers go to the right side upon entering a store. There’s even a study which reveals that those who move inside the store counter-clockwise tend to spend more than if you move clockwise.

#3 Supermarkets mimic the atmosphere of a marketplace

Have you noticed that when you enter a supermarket, one of the first items you will see are the fruits and vegetables? They’re strategically placed there to give an atmosphere of freshness, just like in markets, and people who go to fresh food areas are likely to spend more in the store.

#4 Some common food items are placed at the back

You may wonder why this is the case, but the idea behind it is to make shoppers go all the way to the back of the store and be tempted to buy other stuff along the way. And in many cases, overspending happens because of the unplanned purchases.

#5 Advertising colours work

Certain colours trigger certain emotions and actions. Red attracts more attention, and people usually associate that colour with a special or a discounted price. On the other hand, we associate green with something healthy and/or fresh.

#6 Supermarkets use shoppers’ indecisiveness on what to buy

For some products, you’ll be surprised at the number of options available, and when shoppers are confused, they spend a longer time in the supermarket. These products are also strategically placed in areas that are less crowded so shoppers will not feel hurried while making their choices.

Do you know other ways when it comes to saving money on food? Share your grocery shopping tips in the comments section.

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