September 18, 2018

Ways to Save Money while Eating Out

Eating out is one of the things many Australians want to do after a long day at work or a hectic week. Families go out for a nice dinner. Friends get together to have some drinks on a Friday night. Of course, it costs money. For those who are saving money on food, eating out may be less frequent in Australia. They may even do grocery shopping on a Sunday to buy food that will last for several days. There’s nothing wrong with saving money on food, and eating out does not have to be expensive. With some simple tricks and tips, you can enjoy eating out without breaking the bank:

Saving money entails a bit of sacrifice

Refraining from ordering desserts is good not only for your wallet but also for your waistline.

Check the menus online before going out

Saving money on food involves a bit of research. When you go grocery shopping, you usually look around to see which supermarket offers great deals. The same goes for eating out. Many restaurants post their menus on their websites or social media accounts. Check the dishes and their prices so you can choose one that offers the best value.

Look for a restaurant that has a BYO wine option

A glass of wine when eating out costs a lot, compared to a bottle of wine from a supermarket. Ask if the restaurant allows a BYO (bring your own) wine. It usually comes with a small corkage fee but it can significantly cut the drinking costs.

Share some of the dishes with another person

For instance, there are restaurants that offer entreės which are enough for two people. You can save money on food and still taste the restaurant’s offerings by sharing some dishes with a friend.

Look for promos, deals, and/or discounts

Take advantage of birthday discounts, anniversary promos, coupons, and other specials that many restaurants offer. Subscribe to their email newsletters or follow their social media accounts so you don’t miss out on these deals.

Skip the dessert

Saving money on food entails a bit of sacrifice. Refrain from ordering desserts. It’s good not only for your wallet but also for your waistline. But if your sweet tooth tells you otherwise, you can go to the grocery store to buy some sweets before going home.

Eating out is indeed one of life’s pleasures and a way for us to unwind and have fun. You don’t have to avoid it completely if you’re on a budget. Keep these tips in mind so you can save money.

Do you have other tips on saving money on food in Australia? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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