October 17, 2018

Ways to save money on groceries without clipping coupons

Your weekly shopping bill is a great place to start when it comes to cutting back spending. There are a few relatively easy ways to save a bit of cash and the results are quite tangible.

Coupons or loyalty cards are one of saving, but are by no means the only or best. Ideally you should be using multiple techniques to ensure your groceries are the best value they can be. Here are some ways to save on groceries without clipping coupons.

The aim of the game is to only buy exactly what you need and only buy it when it is on sale.

You are better off going to the shops with a list of things that you need, and only buying those things. If you simply go and wander the isles you will indefinitely end up with things that are either unnecessary or expensive. The only time you should buy something that isn’t on your list is if it is a regularly used item with a big mark down.

Go shopping when you are busy or have something scheduled shortly afterward. Don’t give yourself the time to look at all the thing you don’t need, get what is on your list and get out.

The next thing to do is never pay full price.

Everything in the supermarket goes on sale at some point or another, usually every six weeks or so. When things are on sale buy enough to last you until they go on sale again. This is especially important if you are attached to a specific brand. If you are not brand fussy, then buying house brands is a great way to save. Buying house brands when they are on sale will produce the biggest savings.

For fresh produce, like vegetables, meat and dairy, try shopping during the evening. Items that only have a short shelf life will go on sale a couple of hours before the store closes. If it’s not possible to going in the evening, still have a look at the reduce to clear section. You may be able to get part of your fresh produce cheaper, which you can use first.

Combining both these techniques, with loyalty cards, will make your groceries as cheap as possible. Try shopping from a list, 30 minutes before store closing time, and scan your member card at checkout. If something from your list is reduced by 30-50%, then buy enough for six weeks.

It might be hard to see a reduction on your weekly spend due to bulk buying, but if you track your spending over a couple of months you should notice a difference. Savings on your groceries doesn’t require a lot of effort or coupons. Just be disciplined and take good opportunities when they present themselves. By doing so you will cut down your grocery bill, giving you more money for saving.

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