September 18, 2018

Understanding Parenting Payment Support in Australia

In Australia, parenting payment refers to the main income support payment of the main carer of a young child. As a principal carer, you will be responsible for the care, welfare, and development of the child.

In this article, you will find out more about parenting payment support in Australia:

How can you be eligible for parenting payment?

You should have assets and income that are below the limits. You should also be the main carer of a child. If you are single, the child must be less than eight years old. If you have a partner, the child must be less than six years old. Also, you cannot claim the parenting payment before giving birth.

Aside from these, you should meet the principal carer rules, residence rules, as well as tests on income and assets.

How can you claim the parenting payment?

As a principal carer, you must be an Australian resident who is in Australia, and you must be a resident for 104 weeks. Also, you need to stay as an Australian resident if you want to keep getting the parenting payment.

There are some exemptions to the 104-week rule. You can claim the parenting payment if you were a refugee when you arrived in Australia, or you are a holder of a specific visa sub-class. It can also be that you just became a single parent in Australia. If any of these rules doesn’t apply to you but if the country you’re living or working in has a social agreement with Australia, you may use that setup to claim parenting payment.

Make sure that you’ve met the requirements before making a claim. Fill out the claim form then submit it together with other documents that may be required.

Here are other things that you need to know: 

  • If you’re single, you are no longer eligible to claim parenting payment if your youngest child reaches eight years of age. If your youngest child reaches six years of age, make sure to meet the requirements on part-time mutual obligation so you can continue claiming parenting payment.
  • Most main carers claim the parenting payment every two weeks, but you can do so every week.
  • Always adhere to the rules related to parenting payment to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Seek advice from a qualified individual so you can better understand the eligibility requirements and how to make claims.

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