September 23, 2018

4 Tips on how to save electricity and lower your electricity bill

There are so many ways to save money at home. Just take a look at all of your expenses and identify areas where you can cut costs. One of the monthly expenses where you can save some cash is your energy consumption. Many Australian households spend a lot on electricity bill on a monthly basis. But if you’re on a tight budget, a huge electricity bill can take a toll on your overall spending and savings.

Are you dealing with huge electricity bills month after month? Don’t fret. We’ll show you how to save electricity at home and save money:

  • Use LED lighting.

    This is one of easiest ways to save electricity. Replace all of your incandescent bulbs with LED lights. These may be a bit more expensive, but these consume less energy which can help you lower your electricity bill in the long run.

  • Set your thermostat properly.

    Heating and cooling your home contribute a lot to your total bill. During winter, save money on heating by keeping the thermostat to a comfortable 20°C. Anything higher than that can add up to 10% to your heating bill. During summer, set your cooler to 24°C. Also, make sure to turn it off when you leave the house.

  • Unplug devices when not in use.

    Appliances and devices which are not in use but are still plugged consume energy, accounting for about 10% of your total bill. One of the simplest tips to save electricity is to avoid standby power waste by unplugging all gadgets and devices when not in use. You can likewise use a standby power controller to reduce standby time with just one switch.

  • Run your refrigerator efficiently.

    Your fridge is turned on 24/7 which accounts for a large chunk of your bill. Reduce your electricity bill by keeping the fridge temperature to 4-5°C, while the freezer’s ideal temperature is -15 to -18°C. Make sure that the door seal is free of gaps to keep the cold air inside. And if your fridge is already old, you may want to replace it with an energy-efficient one to save on power running costs.

These are just some of the numerous tips to save electricity. In general, it doesn’t take a lot of work. A few tweaks in your day-to-day activities will greatly help you in lowering your electricity bill and saving money.

Got other tips on how to reduce the electricity bill? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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