October 17, 2018

Choosing an Electricity and Gas Bundle Plan

Bundling can help you save on costs, as many energy providers offer discounts and rewards for bundled packages. It can also save you time because you only have to deal with a single provider. But, whether or not bundling will be cheaper depends on a number of factors. These include your service, your location, and your current energy package.

Here are some of the things to take into account when choosing an electricity and gas bundle plan:

  1. Should you bundle with the same supplier? The decision to bundle with one supplier depends on your current service and usage. If you think that you are paying too much, then you should consider a bundle. It is better to reach out to a specialist energy broker to help you with your options.
  2. Which suppliers offer bundles? There are a lot of energy providers that offer bundles, though availability may vary depending on which state you are in and your energy usage.

Providers that you might consider checking out are the following:


Provides discounts on popular gift cards, movie tickets, travel, and accommodation. (Website: www.agl.com.au)


Gives discounts off the usage rate when you pay your electricity bill on time and $100 off on your first bill. (Website: www.dodo.com)

ERM Business

84% of their customers are satisfied with their service. Plus, they have almost 100 percent billing accuracy. (Website: www.empower.com.au)

Lumo Energy

Offers a wide range of gas and electricity packages as well as flexible payment modes. (Website: www.lumoenergy.com.au)

Origin Energy

They have 4.3 million customer accounts in Australia. They offer a wide range of energy plans, easy online account management, flexible payment options, no lock-in contracts or exit fees, and next business day connection. (Website: www.originenergy.com.au)

Simply Energy

One of the fastest growing energy companies in Australia. They are part of ENGIE, a leading global energy provider in over 70 countries. (Website: www.simplyenergy.com.au)

How do I choose the best bundle? Understanding your usage is your primary concern if you plan to consider energy bundles.

Getting your services from different providers means having several billings on different days. With an energy bundle, you will get everything at once. You can also enjoy better energy rates, rewards and discounts, making budgeting easier and more convenient.

Do you have other ideas when it comes to water and electricity bills? Share your tips in the comments section.

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