September 24, 2018

How to Find the Cheapest Electricity Company

Just like the water bill, the electricity bill is one of the many utilities Australian households pay on a regular basis, and nowadays when almost everyone uses one or more gadgets on daily, it’s not surprising that your electricity bill can cost a lot.

Ask what the billing cycle is and when you will pay the electricity bill, whether monthly, every two weeks or every three months.

Nobody wants to shell out more money than what’s necessary for electricity and of course, there are several ways to lower your electricity bill. One of these is at the onset, you may want to consider finding the cheapest electricity company. How? Consider these tips:

Compare offerings of several providers

You can have options depending on your location. If you live in areas of Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia or Victoria, there are several electricity companies that you can choose from.

Look at your current tariff

This refers to the meter type that is used to know your rate. It can be single rate which means that the rate is the same whatever time you use electricity, or time of use which means that rates vary depending on the time you use electricity.

Ask if there are additional charges

When it comes to electricity bills, these can be establishment fees, charges for connection or disconnection, and late fees.

Know the billing options

Ask what the billing cycle is and when you will pay the electricity bill, whether monthly, every two weeks or every three months. You can also ask if there’s additional fee if you prefer paper bills.

Consider the level of savings with each plan

You can save some cash when you pay your bill on time but bear in mind that the level of savings may be good for only the first year. If your electricity plan is more than a year, you may not get the same savings in the coming years.

Read the offer conditions

Different electricity providers have different offer conditions so it is very important to read these carefully before entering into a new contract.

Know what to do when you want to switch providers

If you found the electricity company for your needs, check with your current provider on any applicable fees for switching to a new one. In general, moving to a new provider is a quick process.

Finding the cheapest electricity company depends on several factors including your location, electricity usage, and electricity providers available in your area. If possible, consider options and choose the one that offers lower rates so you can reduce electricity bills.

Do you know other ways to find the cheapest electricity company? Share your water and electricity tips in the comments section.

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