October 17, 2018

How to Save Money on your Water Bill

Water bills are one of those annoying infrequent expenses that have a habit of popping up just as you feel like you’re getting ahead with your savings. Here are some ways to save money on your water bill so you won’t get any nasty surprises next time one comes your way.

Sing in the rain but not the shower

A standard shower head lets out roughly 15L a minute so it’s no surprise that showers account for 25% of the average Australian household water usage. If you’re not a ‘mission focused’ sort of person when having a wash, then consider using a shower timer. Just being aware of how long you have been in there will help reduce the length. Also think about changing your shower head to a water efficient one to cut back on the amount of water it uses.

Don’t segregate your clothes

Washing machines are the other big water consumer in the home. Try to reduce the number of loads you do each week by combining your washing together. Instead of doing lots of smaller loads just wash all your different types of clothes in one go. Your colours, whites and delicates will all play nicely together, promise.

Fix leaks

Both toilets and taps are common culprits for leaks and every one can waste up to 10,000L of water per year. Changing washers or taps is a relatively simple job and even if you’re only mildly handy with a spanner you should be able to do it yourself with a bit of direction from an online guide, which will save you money on water bills and plumbing.

Do some toilet hacking

You could install a new dual flush toilet to reduce your water bill but it will take you years to pay back the capital outlay, try ‘hacking’ your existing one so it uses less water. You can adjust the cistern float lower or place a few bricks in your toilet, both will reduce the amount of water it takes to fill it up.

Treat water with respect

Water is a precious resource that is most effectively used when drank or used for human sanitation, eliminate or substitute water from other non-essential uses. Adapt your garden to require less frequent watering and use brooms or blowers to clean the outdoor areas of your house.

The key to reducing your water bill is reducing your water use. With these simple tips to help you reduce your water use you will be making some nice savings on your next water bill.

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