October 17, 2018


10 Ways to Save Money When Living on a Parenting Payment

Most people would like to save for the future, whether it is for a holiday, retirement or potential emergencies. Saving money gives a lot of freedom and offers possibilities, but living on a limited income such as the parental payment doesn’t always make it easy. The Parenting Payment is a benefit from the government given to principal carers of children younger than eight years if you are single and six years if you are a couple. It is meant as a help for families living on a small income. If that’s you, and if you want to learn some tips on how to save money, read on. Here are ten ways you can save money when living on a parenting payment:

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20 Cheap & Fun Things to Do on School Holidays

Whether you’re on a budget or receiving parenting payment for your kids, there’s no...

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5 Financial Skills that Should be Learned at School

Managing your finances is a key life skill. It affects almost all aspects of...

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HECS Loan Repayment: An Overview

Parents want only the best for their children, and what better way to ensure...

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How to Raise a Money-Savvy Kid

Financial literacy is an essential skill for anybody, and it’s better to understand it...

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Top 5 Household Budgeting Hacks

Managing the household budget is not always a fun activity. It’s something that not...

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How does an Education Savings Plan (ESP) Work? 

Regardless of nationality and background, parents all over the world want their kids to...

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Understanding Tertiary Education Fees in Australia

Since education fees continuously increase, many parents prepare for their children’s education early on....

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Understanding Parenting Payment Support in Australia

In Australia, parenting payment refers to the main income support payment of the main...

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Top Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents

It’s challenging enough for couples to raise a family and manage finances, and it...

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Ways to Support Your Children’s Learning

When it comes to our children’s education, we only want the best that we...

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