September 24, 2018

15 New Skills that You can Learn for Free!

Child education includes teaching kids new skills that are necessary as they grow older, but as an adult, are there skills that you wish to learn? Whether you need it for school or at work, or even just as a hobby, you can still learn a new skill or two. And the best thing is, you can learn without paying anything! In this list, we’ve rounded up 15 new skills that you can learn for free.

Whether you need it for school or at work, or even just as a hobby, you can still learn a new skill or two.

1. Play an instrument

It doesn’t matter if you want to play the guitar, drums, violin, piano or flute. YouTube video tutorials and other websites can guide you towards playing a new instrument.

2. Repair stuff

Of course, it’s more convenient to just hire someone to do the repair work for you, but channel your DIY spirit and learn something new in the process. Knowing how to repair just about anything is also rewarding.

3. Be a better photographer

Take better photos, whether you’re using your smartphone or a DSLR camera. There are free online resources that offer tips on photography.

4. Learn self-defense

You can learn even just the basic moves that will improve your endurance and hopefully prevent you from getting hurt in case of an attack.

5. Improve your sense of style

There are resources online that provide useful information on how to look visually appealing at all times. Learning even the basics of design can make a big difference.

6. Do your own make-up

Know how to apply make-up properly and learn new tricks by watching beauty video tutorials.

7. Go back to your old subjects in school

Brush up on your mathematics or science knowledge by checking out online education courses.

8. Be a DIY expert

Arts and crafts never get old. A quick search online will lead you to a wide range of sites that offer DIY tips and tricks.

9. Cook better dishes

It’s easy to learn how to cook, with so many recipe sites and how-to videos online.

10. Be fluent in another language

Depending on the language that you want to learn, this may take some time, but give it a try and you’ll be able to speak a new language.

11. Write for the web

Everything seems to be online, so you might as well learn how to write for the web.

12. Analyse web statistics

There are free online resources that will help you learn how to use Google Analytics.

13. Create an app or a website

This is a highly marketable skill so make sure to learn basic programming and how to make a website.

14. Maintain your own website

There are video tutorials that will teach you the basics of WordPress so you can create and maintain your personal website

15. Be more confident in public speaking

Overcome your fear of speaking in front of a crowd through online courses on how to handle interviews and other engagements.

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