September 23, 2018

Top 5 Education Blogs that You Should Read

The ever evolving world of technological advancements has paved the way for more avenues of learning. What used to be held only inside classrooms can now be done online, through education blogs. These are greatly useful for child education. Some tackle general knowledge while others focus on a specific subject. Some education blogs also come with exercises so educators and students can learn from each other. Here are five education blogs that you may want to consider.

What used to be held only inside classrooms can now be done online, through education blogs.

1. The Innovative Educator

Lisa Nielsen was the person behind this education blog that focuses on innovative ways to make classes more relevant and engaging. As a public school educator, she aims to share her ideas on how to change the school and learning experience for students. She offers tips on how to implement processes that educators can use without having to worry about restrictions on budget and other factors.

2. The Daring Librarian

This education blog was the brainchild of Gwyneth A. Jones, a Google Certified Teacher. She has a lot of accolades under her belt, including Best of the Best and a Visionary Leader by Teacher Librarian Magazine in 2012. Her education blog approaches ed-tech with cartoon and a sense of humour. She offers a lot of content that deals with apps and other ideas on how websites can be used as learning opportunities.

3. Edudemic

This is considered as the largest portal for education content. It offers a wide range of ideas and plans on how to use and integrate technology into the classroom. The website looks daunting at first, but take your time in browsing through the site and you’ll find a lot of ideas that can be used for learning.

4. My Paperless Classroom

K-5 tech integration specialist Sam Patterson is the person behind this education blog which covers his personal experiences to implement tech ideas in the classroom. For him, tech integration can be done using toys and video games. On the other hand, he also shares his insights about the challenges of these technologies in classes.

5. Cycles of Learning

Cycles of Learning is all about learning hacks. Developed by Ramsay Musallam, this blog is filled with a range of practical hacks that can be used in classrooms. If you’re a fan of TED Talk, you may have come across his speech on how to spark learning.

Do you know other education blogs that can help in your child’s education? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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