September 23, 2018

3 Weird Smart Gadgets for Your Home

Technology is continuously growing, and it shows no signs of stopping. What comes with it is the ever growing industry of smart gadgets. Energy-efficient products that make our life easier and sometimes, help save us time and money. Innovations emerge so quickly that you’d think an app-controlled device would soon to be a thing of the past.

These smart and energy-saving devices can help save you time and money, and make everyday tasks a lot more convenient to do.

There are so many smart gadgets out in the market today. Some look so promising, while others seem a bit weird. In fact, you may end up asking yourself if these products are actually necessary for our day-to-day activities. Here are three weird smart gadgets in Australia that you may want to consider for your home:


Ever heard of a patio umbrella that runs on solar power and can do a lot of things other than keeping you out of sun’s harmful rays? Get ready for Sunflower. This energy-efficient product has two security cameras and can be connected to WiFi and via Bluetooth.

Parrot Pot

Fond of plants but never seem to make them grow or keep them alive even for a short period of time? Say hello to Parrot Pot, an auto-watering plant pot that keeps track of your plant. It can even send you essential information to your smartphone. With a Parrot Pot, you may be able to keep your plant from withering.


Smart gadgets can be useful even while you sleep. In fact, you can sleep on one of them. Luna is a mattress cover that adjusts the temperature of your bed so you can sleep better every time. What’s more, this smart gadget can monitor heart rate and breathing rate as well as your sleeping patterns. Another great thing about Luna is that it can be connected to your other smart gadgets at home. For instance, while you’re sleeping, it can check the temperature and ensure that your door is locked. And when you wake up, there’s coffee waiting for you since it can be connected to your coffee machine through WiFi.

In this day and age when we’re all busy with school, work, and other things, the emergence of new energy-efficient products is always good news. Some of these devices may be quirky and weird, but each has its own benefits. In general, these smart and energy-saving devices can help save you time and money, and make everyday tasks a lot more convenient to do.

Do you know other weird and energy-efficient products in Australia? Share details about other smart gadgets in the comment section.

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