September 23, 2018

9 Smart Gadgets that Help You Increase Your Productivity

Many people have a lot things to do on a daily basis. From household chores and social events to work-related matters or school activities, the to-do list seems to go on and on. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little help every now and then? In this day and age, help comes in the form of energy-efficient appliances and smart gadgets. There is a wide range of products that are designed to make our lives easier. Here are several smart gadgets that help in getting things done:

1. Variable balans Ergonomic Desk Chair

This enables your body to move like it should. It is designed with slightly curved legs so you can sit and stretch while working at your desk. 

2. Fidget Cube

If you’re the type of person who has restless hands that you’re always looking for something to do, make way for the Fidget Cube. Keep yourself busy with its six sides, each offering a different style and activity. There’s a dial for spinning, buttons to click and other features to keep your hands occupied.

3. Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard

This new type of keyboard is also compatible with smartphones and tablets. It comes with an Easy-Switch so you can switch typing from one connected Bluetooth wireless device to another. It can be used for Windows, Mac or Chrome computers as well as Android or iOS mobile devices.

4. Altwork Station

Increase productivity and improve posture with this mechanical desk that transitions smoothly in four key positions.

5. Nest Thermostat

You can better manage your heating and cooling system with this smart gadget. It comes with the Farsight which displays the temperature, weather or time. It provides alerts if there’s something wrong with your system.

6. Kevo Smart Lock

It only takes one touch to lock and unlock with Kevo Smart Lock. It is powered by your smartphone or Bluetooth, so don’t have to waste time looking for your bundle of keys every time.

7. NeatDesk

Tired of handling piles of paper? Organise your desk with this high-speed desktop scanner and Smart Organization Software that can organize information, scan receipts and handle business cards and documents.

8. Tabletop Air Purifier

Keep air pollution at bay with this air purifier. It has an ionizer that cleans and freshens the air. It also helps remove common household odors.

9. Equil Smartpen 2

This smart gadget lets you sketch, doodle or draw on paper and transfer your work in digital form through Bluetooth in the pen’s built-in memory.

Do you know other energy-saving devices and smart gadgets? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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