September 23, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Home Battery Storage

Climate change is one of the pressing issues nowadays. It’s such a big environmental concern that countries are called to work together to address it. Energy-saving devices and energy-efficient appliances are being produced to help in lowering energy usage.  In this world where coal and fossil fuels are commonly seen as culprits, renewable energy takes the centre stage, and one of the things related to renewables is home battery storage.

Adding home battery storage is only the first step towards lowering your energy bill and minimising the environmental impact.

What does it mean? The battery storage technology involves the use of solar energy, a great way to reduce the impact of Australian households to the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of a home battery storage system:

Lower dependency on electricity to lower energy bills

If you’re already using energy-saving devices and smart gadgets, you can reduce your energy bill, but you can further reduce it with home battery storage.  It helps lower your dependency on electricity from the local grid during the night. This increased self-consumption of solar PV, in turn, leads to lower energy bills.

The more renewable energy we use, the better for the environment

Home battery storage is good for the environment because it uses sunlight instead of fossil fuels to generate electricity. The price of solar solutions decreases over time and more and more Australians are being encouraged to consider sustainable energy for their homes. According to the Climate Council, in the next few years, the installation of home battery storage will be cost-effective. Prices of battery storage seem to decrease, so this is good new for those who are planning to have home battery storage.

Home battery storage offers support in case of a blackout

Another benefit of home battery storage is that in case of a blackout, it should be able to keep some of your home’s appliances running for several hours.

Adding home battery storage is only the first step towards lowering your energy bill and minimising the environmental impact – what’s more important is what you do with it, and how. The use of home battery storage, together with energy-efficient appliance and smart gadgets, can greatly lower energy bills. If you’re considering to get home battery storage, do your research to have a better understanding of what it can do for you and the environment. You can also ask friends and the local community if they have experience in using home battery storage.

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