September 24, 2018

Six simple money saving devices to make your home smarter

Technology is a beautiful thing. If harnessed appropriately, it can greatly reduce tedious work and help make us more efficient. It is also really useful for saving money around the home by reducing your energy consumption. You don’t need space age technology to benefit, simple things often have the best cost/benefit ratios. Here are six money saving devices to make your home smarter.

Smart power boards

Leaving your appliance plugged but not turned on cost you money as they are constantly draining small amounts of energy. Smart power boards prevent this by completely switching off on a timer or by sensing when the appliance is not in use. They are great for home entertainment units that are a pain to switch on and off and the point every time.

Usage recording plugs

These power plugs link with a phone app to record and automatically calculate the cost of whatever is running through them. They simply plug into the wall with your appliance connected, and then send the information via Bluetooth. Work out the cost of running each of your electrical appliances, so you know where to look for the greatest saving.

Sensor lights

Sensor lights aren’t only for the outside; they can be also used in the home. They are great for places like a bathroom, where you rarely go, but can easily forget the turn the light off.

Pressure cooker

These are a very handy way of drastically reducing cooking time for things that normally require a long time in the pot or oven. They are great for dried legumes or tough cuts of meat, and work on most normal stove tops.


Depending on what type of heating/cooling system you have, you may be able to integrate a cheap thermostat with it. There are some quite advanced options which you can monitor and control from your smart phone. However, a humble thermometer on the wall is a cheap alternative, to help regulate home temperature and reduce heating/cooling inefficiencies.

Solar lights

Solar lights are really effective as a bedside or table lamps. They provide bright light for multiple hours so you can read in bed or have free mood lighting in the evening. Just put them on the window sill in the morning and they will be ready to go the next day. Some even have USB charging outlets built in, great for camping or an emergency charging device.

These simple devices are great for making your home smarter. A smarter home will consume less energy, which saves you money.

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