October 17, 2018

Use energy saving devices to save more money

Utility bills can sometimes be nasty surprises and really hold back your well made saving plan. What’s more energy cost keep going up so there is never a better time than now to slash your consumption. Here are five energy saving devices that are worth trying, and will save you money.

Energy efficient appliances

If your fridge or microwave dies, then replace it will a five-star rate energy efficient one. Technology has come a long way and modern appliances can consume a fraction of their predecessors. Don’t just look for five star rated appliances, but also consider your needs and alternatives. Front loader washing machines are much more energy efficient than top loaders and a smaller fridge uses less power than a large one, so be strategic with what you buy.

Energy efficient light bulbs

Both compact fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diodes use a lot less energy than traditional light bulbs. Yes, they are more expensive to buy, but they will save you money in the long run.

Smart power boards

If you can’t be bothered to constantly unplug or switch off unused devices, then ‘smart’ power boards are for you. These are exactly the same as a regular power board but come with the ability to automatically switch off when the devices connected to them aren’t in operation. Some also operate on a timer, which are great to use when charging mobile phones.

Energy monitoring system

Never worry about leaving the lights on or trying to remember to switch everything off before you leave home; just hook your home up to your smart phone. By putting in an energy monitoring system on your house you will be able to control the power supply remotely.

Solar reading light

If you like to finish off the night with a spot of reading in bed, why not get small solar light to use? LED solar lights produce bright light and last much longer than you can reading in bed. Just pop them on the window sill in the morning and they will be ready for you again that evening.

Door seals and curtains

These many not seem very cutting edge but the humble door seal and curtain really are great energy saving devices. Heating is likely to be one the biggest energy expenses for your home so making the process as efficient as possible is a good way to cut energy consumption. Thick curtains and door seals are simple but effective ways of keeping the cold out and saving you money.

These energy saving devices will help bring down your power consumption and save you more on your utilities bill.

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