September 20, 2018

6 Tricks to Save Money and Time on Car Rentals

When planning a business trip, a vacation with the family or cheap holidays, you might need to rent a car to make moving from one destination to the next more convenient. Some people don’t rent cars on a regular basis so there are instances when they don’t know how to save money on rentals car. This leads to higher charges when they can actually rent a car without spending a lot.

Look for rental coupons online and in car rental comparison websites to cut rental costs.

Want to save some cash when renting a car? Here are simple car rental saving tips:

  • Compare rates of several rental companies

    As with any shopping trip, take some time to look at different providers and see which has the best offer. You can visit car rental companies and ask for their rates. A more convenient option is to use comparison websites that enable you to see prices depending on categories such as the vehicle size needed.

  • Book early

    If possible, aim to book a rental car at least 10 days in advance. This ensures that you’ll get the best possible rate – without a deposit or cancellation fee.

  • Take advantage of rental coupons and discount codes

    Look for rental coupons online and in car rental comparison websites to cut rental costs. You may get discounts or one day of car rental free of charge. If you’re a corporate traveler or a member of frequent flyer programs, there may be discount codes that you can use to greatly lower the car rental price.

  • Rent a car on weekends

    Car rental companies usually offer much lower rates on weekends, so if you’re flexible with your trip schedule, make sure to go on a weekend or always look for the lowest rates within your target travel period to save money.

  • Choose a non-airport location

    In some cases, the point of renting a car is to make going to and from the airport convenient especially if you have a plane to catch. However, car rental agencies in airports pay a concession fee that is passed on to customers, increasing the car rental fee by up to 10%. Save money by picking up the car in another location other than the airport.

  • A bigger car is not always a better option

    In general, renting a larger vehicle entails paying more on rental cost, insurance, and fuel. Save money by choosing a car that’s suitable to your needs.

Do you know other ways to save money on rentals car? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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