September 26, 2018

What is an Overseas Working Holiday?

Going on a holiday is an exciting affair. Exploring new places and cultures is always an enjoyable experience, whether you’re a solo traveler or with friends. But of course, traveling costs money, and it can be expensive. The good thing is, there are many ways to have cheap holidays that are still fun and filled with adventure.

If you’re from Australia, consider going on an overseas working holiday. This provides you an opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and explore local lifestyles. With an overseas working holiday, you can travel and earn at the same time. Every year, thousands of young Australians go on an adventure through an overseas working holiday. For those who are 18 to 30 years old, the Australian Government has reciprocal working holiday programs with many countries.

The United Kingdom, Canada, as well as Japan are some of the favourite destinations of young Australians who take overseas working holidays. Australia also have reciprocal working holiday arrangements with Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Taiwan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Cyprus, Hong Kong, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Republic of Korea, and the Netherlands.

In general, going on an overseas working holiday enables you to:

  • stay in the arrangement country for a year.
  • work for a specific period for your travel funds.
  • study or train for a specific period.

Obviously, there are minimum requirements to be met for each program. You must:

  • have an Australian passport.
  • have enough funds for the first part of the holiday.
  • complete health and character checks.
  • be between 18 and 30 years old when you apply.
  • have no dependent children who will come with you.
  • have a return ticket or enough funds to buy one.

Australia has a great healthcare system. However, this doesn’t mean that when you go on an overseas working holiday, you no longer need to get a travel insurance. When you’re out of the country, the Australian Government will not help you in case you need medical treatment. In other words, you will be in-charge of covering all medical bills and other expenses, as well as the evacuation to Australia if necessary. That’s why it’s important to get travel insurance.

Are you up for an overseas working holiday? It comes with some requirements, but it can surely be a memorable experience. It can be a low-cost holiday too, if you intend to work to supplement your travel funds.

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