September 24, 2018

How to Save Money when Camping

Camping can be one of the most affordable ways to have a holiday. If you’re not organised however, you might end up paying much more than you anticipated. Here are some ways to save money when camping, making it a cost effective holiday.


There is no point going out and buying a heap of expensive equipment to use once or twice a year. Before you buy anything see if you can borrow it from a friend or relative.

Go for quality

When you purchase equipment, buy good quality items that will last many years, if not a life time. Check product reviews and look for guarantees when buying new things. If you buy quality equipment it should work better and if you maintain it, also last longer as well, which will save you money.

Site fees

There are still plenty of interesting places you can camp for free, or for a small fee. Try some of the national or state parks in your area or check with the local council for camp grounds that they maintain. Try to avoid caravan parks or premium locations, which can make the cost unjustifiable.


Pre plan your food, activities and destinations to ensure you aren’t stuck having to make expensive emergency purchases. Running out of food may force you to purchase things at over inflated prices or eat out, which will add to your costs. Make sure to pack enough toys, games, and books to so you never run out of free activities to do.


The food you take really depends on your style of camping, but don’t only stick to expensive ready to eat meals and pre packaged food. Certain fresh food, like cucumbers, tomato, carrots, potato, pumpkin, onions, and eggs all last fine outside of refrigeration for a couple of days. Try taking some of these items to make a salad or soup, which will be more economical than packaged food.

Solar power

Forget about battery powered lights and get some solar lights. Most will last a three or four hours and charge quickly during the day. Small personal lights, as well as larger lantern style lights, are available. The upfront cost will be quickly offset by never having to buy batteries again.

Camping is not only fun but, can also be a relative cheap holiday. These tips should help you save money next time you’re camping, to ensure you don’t pay excess to enjoy a simple pleasure.

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