October 17, 2018

How to Save Money on Your Holiday

Don’t let the thought of spending lots of money put you off taking a Holiday. Here are some tricks that can save you money on your next trip.

Go during the shoulder

If you go in peak season you will pay more for everything. However, in some parts of the world the ‘off season’ really means hurricanes, -30oC temperatures, or deserted towns. Try the in between times, when the place is pretty nice but the crowds haven’t yet come, by doing so you will get a better price on flights and accommodation.

Take a card not cash

Unless you are going somewhere that still barters shells and live animals as currency do not exchange money at home, just take your debit card and get money out of a local ATM after you arrive. Otherwise you will lose a stack in fees or currency conversion spreads. Better still look at a special travel card that has no foreign withdrawal fee and only the standard currency conversion rates.

Get Digital

Don’t get stuck paying extra for accommodation or transport because you are a foreigner. Services like Uber allow you to compare prices up front and ensure you aren’t taken on a ‘longcut’ by the friendly taxi driver. By using Airbnb you can book accommodation with full facilities which is great for families or those wishing to self cater. Local food is great but having just one meal a day at home will help keep your costs down.

Explore but don’t roam

If your number one ‘must see’ destination while your away is your phone screen, then buy a local prepaid SIM card when you get to your destination. You can almost always get one within 5 minutes of disembarking the plane. It will be cheaper  (as a cheap holidays option) to call/sms both locally and internationally using a local SIM and you should be able to add on a data pack.

Lose yourself

Why not spend some time walking around your destination instead of taking guided tours or hop on hop off buses. Walking is free and you will guaranteed have some of your best experiences after getting yourself lost down a back alley of the ‘Old City’. You will get a much more authentic experience if you use your destination like a local rather than a tourist.

But remember holidays are suppose to be fun! Allocate a sensible budget before you go and enjoy yourself with these limits. By using these tricks to save money on your vacation you will have a little more cash for a little bit more vacation fun.

Remember holidays are suppose to be fun! Allocate a sensible budget before you go and enjoy yourself with these limits.

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