September 24, 2018

Tips to Save Money When Booking a Hotel

If you are on holidays and exploring a new destination, it’s unlikely that you want to spend much time stuck inside your hotel. There isn’t any point paying a lot for a place to store your bags and to sleep each night. By saving on your hotel costs you will have more money for food, fun and adventures and finally you will have cheap holidays. Here’s some tips to save money when booking a hotel.

Use a comparison website

Try using or to search for a hotel. Big comparison sites, like these, have a very wide range and give a good sense of the going rate before you commit to a hotel. They also offer discounts on rooms depending on how full the hotel is and the length of time until you intend to stay.

Sleep out of town

Look for hotels near to public transport but outside the main city area. In some instances, you may save a considerable amount by staying in a ‘satellite city’. Either way, don’t search only in the city centre, where room rates will be higher. Ideally, there will be good public transport close by, but any decent hotel will be able to arrange a taxi pick up, otherwise there is Uber.


It is fun to stay in a hotel and get free soap and have someone make your bed each day, but it comes with at a cost, and not just the room rate. It is pretty difficult to self catering in a hotel room and you might find yourself relaxing in common areas and purchasing expensive drinks or snacks while you do. If you have a family, or will be staying for multiple days, then booking a whole house/apartment will give you access to full facilities. This is an easy way to save on restaurant bills, entertainment and laundry. If you only need a room, then Airbnb will probably be cheaper than a comparable hotel room.

Try using reward points

If you are accumulating reward points with either an airline or credit card, then you might be able to use them to book your next hotel stay. Unless you travel a lot or spend big on your credit card it takes forever to get enough points for international flights. It is much easier to accumulate enough for a hotel.

Although it won’t necessarily save you money, a bit of old fashion haggling at check in might get you an upgrade or additional nights stay at a discount. By using these tips, you should be able to cut your hotel costs, giving you more cash to spend on the rest of your holiday.

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