September 20, 2018

Ways to Save Money on a Family Holiday

Family holidays are a fun way to spend time together and share new experiences as a family. It can sometimes get frustrating, but family holidays can provide you with some of life’s most precious memories.

With a growing family, however, cost can really start to add up. Cheap flights will never again be that enticing, and it is difficult to get the budget backpacker accommodation when you’re with kids. There are ways however to have cheap holidays. Here are eight tips to save money on a family holiday and.

Stay for free

Look for an opportunity to house sit or house swap. If you live in an attractive area you will most likely find someone who is interested in staying in your place. Not paying for accommodation will save you a bundle of cash.

Go for a house

Even if you have to rent, a full house/apartment will help reduce incidental costs. Houses come with kitchens, washing machines and TV’s, and maybe even a pool. Being able to self-cater will reduce your eating out costs. Having a place to relax that you don’t have to buy something to be in will save you paying for ‘downtime’.

Look for cheap alternatives

Whether you are traveling domestically or international look for cheaper alternatives to the popular destinations. There are plenty of cheap destinations overseas that are both safe and enjoyable for families. Look beyond the more expensive develop nations, and Disneyland’s, for a more affordable option.

Save on plane costs

Flying with a low-cost carrier is a great way to save on flights. Families with young children can usually check in a ‘pram bag’ for free. Depending how minimalist you are, you might be able to fit most of your baggage in with the pram and not have to pay for luggage. Pack a picnic for the plane instead of buying in-flight meals.

Bring another family

The most cost effective way of having a family holiday is share the fixed cost with another group. Renting an entire house or apartment is much more feasible with multiple groups, giving you the benefit of a house without the high cost.

Pack a day bag

Snacks and drinks are always overpriced at touristy locations. Pack a day bag with enough snacks and water for everyone. Most packaged food can be taken internationally so grab your favourite muesli bars before you leave home.

Try free sites

The novelty of being in a new location can be really entertaining for kids and adults alike. Try spending some days at free attractions or sites. Large municipal parks and local markets, can provide hours of entertainment and are completely free.

Avoid school holidays

Although it can be difficult to take the kids out of school, it is much cheaper to travel outside of school holidays. Even if you travel before and after the school holiday period you will get better value on flights.

Try this tips on your next family holiday for maximum fun and minimum cost.

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