October 17, 2018

Easy Tips on How to Bargain while Shopping

Ever gone shopping for a new lounge, TV or carpet and thought you were paying too much? If you didn’t buy it on sale or do a little bit of bargaining then you probably were. Retailers buy or manufacture stuff, then mark up the price and try to sell it to consumers. What they advertise an item for is not the cost, but what they would love to get for it. If you have ever sold a car or a house then you would have done the exact same thing. You advertise your ‘dream’ price, but never really expect anyone to pay that much straight up, nor should you ever pay the retailers ‘dream’ without bargaining.

Before you start have a look around the internet to see what price other places have the item advertised for.

Here are some tips on how to bargain while shopping so you can get a better price.

Know the price

Before you start negotiations have a quick look around the internet to see what other places have the item advertised for. Especially look for sale prices, even if they are old, as it gives you and indication of how much the product can be reduced by. This will also give you a strong bargaining tool which you can work to lower the price.

Be a salesperson

Work on ‘closing’ the deal with the person you are bargaining with. Don’t just state a price and wait for them to match it, start low and work the price up a little. Demonstrate that you are willing and able to purchase it right then. Create a sense of urgency and make it seem as if you are actually paying more than what you want. Ultimately, retailers want you to buy something so focus on how willing and quickly you are able to make the purchase if your price is matched.

Save your pity for those who need it

Retailers never feel bad about the markups they put on their products, so don’t be shy or bashful when it comes to asking for a discount. Retailers rely on humans to feel this way to prevent them from bargaining while shopping. Be courteous but otherwise control your emotions and work hard at getting a lower price. Set a realistic price in your mind before you start negotiations and be willing to walk away if this price isn’t met.

Don’t expect to be a pro at it first time but with practice your skills will improve and you will start to get decent discounts. Learning how to bargain while shopping is an important step towards paying less and saving more.

Don’t be shy or Bashful when it comes to asking for a discount


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