September 24, 2018

Reasons Why We Impulse Buy and How to Avoid It

What is impulse buying? It is buying a product or service when you don’t have a plan to do so. This unplanned decision results in overspending on things that we don’t really need or want. There are many possible reasons why people impulse buy. Here are the common ones:

For some people, impulse buying gives them a sense of immediate enjoyment and it makes them feel good about themselves.

Instant gratification

Just the thought of getting that handbag or a new set of earphones is a sure-fire pick-me-up after a hectic day at work. For some people, impulse buying gives them a sense of immediate enjoyment. It makes them feel good about themselves, somehow overshadowing whatever negative energy or unhappy thoughts they have on a certain day.

Getting discounts is a good deal

Anyone wants a good deal, especially when shopping on a budget. When we see discounts and promos, we tend to buy the product or service right away, thinking that it’s cheap shopping and we get significant savings. The truth is, you did not save anything. In fact, you spend money on something that you may not need.

Impulse buying, even with discounts, is not cheap shopping. The end result is paying for things that you don’t really need. How can we avoid shopping on impulse? Here are some tips to consider:

Create a list and stick to it

When you know what you need to buy, you will be able to avoid all other aisles that can distract you with nice displays and discounted items.

Use cash instead of credit card

People tend to spend less when they can only buy things with cash. When you use a credit card, it will be harder to keep track of your spending and you may end up with more debts. By paying in cash, you will buy only the things that your money can afford.

Wait before you buy

If you find something that you really want, wait for several days to decide if you can afford it or not. If you really need it, you can go back to the store and buy it. In some cases, you may forget about the product because you probably don’t need it anyway.

Cheer yourself up with free rewards

Instead of going to the mall when you’re feeling sad or anxious, take a long hot bath, visit a local art gallery, stay at home and watch your favourite movies, learn a new recipe, read a book or just catch up on sleep. Do something that you like and doesn’t entail spending a lot. Rewards like this can surely cheer you up and keep you away from impulse buying.

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