September 21, 2018

Why You Should Buy a Skateboard to Save on Transport

Sick of paying for transportation that is dull and expensive? Consider a skateboard. It will save you money and increase your coolness exponentially.

Skateboarding isn’t just about getting places. It can be an ‘activity’ on its own.

Picture this. It’s mid-morning on Saturday. The sun is out. It isn’t hot, but warm and energising. There is a gentle breeze, just enough to keep you from getting sweaty. You’re feeling relaxed and happy with life.

You’re ready to go out and get a coffee, take your kids down to the park or go and get a haircut.

You grab you skateboard and cruise down the street. You can feel the air moving over your skin, and it’s nice. You go glide someone, they give you a smile and say ‘Hey’. You feel like having some fun so you do a little jump off the gutter, then go back and do it again.

You’re having feeling happy, interacting with people and expressing yourself.

Now contrast that with driving. You must stay inside the lines, you sometimes get yelled at, you’re always sitting still. It’s boring. Plus… it cost you money.

There are the petrol and maintenance costs for a start, but consider how much you lose each year through depreciation.

If you want cheaper transportation in Australia, why not buy a skateboard.

Once you own one, it’s free to use – just push off and glide.

While skateboards are an excellent way to reduce your transportation costs, there are also other money saving benefits to be had!

Stop paying for fitness classes – Skateboard!

Whether it’s a personal trainer or aerobics classes the costs can add up. There is nothing wrong with staying healthy, in fact, it will save you money in the long run. To do it on the cheap, simply integrate physical activity into your daily routine… Skateboard everywhere!

Low-cost hobby

Skateboarding isn’t just about getting places. It can be an ‘activity’ on its own. You could go for a leisurely roll along the path next to a beach, or do tricks at a skate park. You just need a board, and maybe some safety equipment.

Everyone looks cooler on a skateboard.

Yep, forget about expensive in-fashion clothes, or trying to copy the hairs styles in Hollywood. Just ride a skateboard. Sure, you might need to practise a bit at the start. But, once you are rolling down the road next to your dog, listening to your favourite song while sipping a latte – you’re cool. And it’s all for free!

Even if you’re not that keen on a skateboard, there are a range of self-propelled devices that will do equally as well. Roller skates, scooters, rip sticks, unicycles – they all help you save money on transportation.

So, if you’re looking for cheap transportation in Australia consider a skateboard. It will save you money and make you a more interesting person.

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