September 23, 2018

How to Save Money on Car Parking

In most cases, transportation accounts for a big part of your weekly budget. Even if you’re taking cheap transportation such as the bus or train, it costs money. If you have your own car, you may have higher transportation costs. One of the expenses is car parking. Of course, you need to pay the parking fee to use the area or facility. There are several simple ways to save money on car parking. Keep these tips in mind:

Be a member of big car parks

If you’re serious about saving money on car parking, check the websites of the big car parks in your city and register as a member. There are a lot of car parks that offer perks and big discounts to their members.

Always read the signs

Even if you park your car at a specific car park all the time, it pays to read the signs before parking. They may have increased their fees without you knowing it. If you realise that the fee increase is just too much, turn around and find another car park.

Take advantage of parking perks from shops

Many establishments have collaborations with car parks, giving their customers discounted parking fee. Some even offer free parking when you buy something from their store. Check if the shopping mall or supermarket you frequently visit offers car parking perks.

Book in advance

When you need to park at the airport, make sure to pre-book not only to save money but also to save time in driving around and looking for a vacant slot. All you need to do is to choose your arrival and departure dates and times. You will then get detailed instructions on how to reach your reserved slot.

Park outside the airport grounds

If you’re going to the airport, consider parking off-site. Prices vary but in general, you’ll get big savings when you opt for off-site parking most of the time compared to parking on airport grounds. Also, it’s much faster to get to the plane when you park off-site since this is usually not as congested as the car park at the airport.

These are some of the things that you can do to save money on car parking. Keep these tips in mind so you can lower your transportation costs every week.

Got other ideas on cheap transportation and how to save money on car parking? Share your tips in the comments section.

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