September 23, 2018

How to Save Money on Transportation when Traveling

Most Australians spend a lot of time and money on transport. Whether it’s to go to work or school, or run day-to-day errands, you will most likely need some mode of transport. Driving your own car is preferred by many Australians since it’s convenient and comfortable. But for those who don’t have their own vehicles, public transportation is the way to go. While catching a taxi from the airport after a long overseas trip may be a good idea, you can opt to travel via bus or train which is both convenient and can save you money.

Travel cards can save you money

If you’re traveling within Australia, you can take advantage of cheap transportation by using travel smart cards.

Here are some simple tips to save money on transportation while traveling:

Consider your options

If time permits, slow down so you can save money. How? If you need to go somewhere and flying is the quickest way to reach it, check if there’s a bus or train available that can take you there. Of course, this form of cheap transportation will take more time compared to flying, but just downgrading your mode of transportation can greatly save you money. Also, check the map and see if your destination is within walking distance. A 30-minute walk to the supermarket is good not only for your wallet but also for your health.

Save money on travel smart cards

If you’re traveling within Australia, you can take advantage of cheap transportation by using travel smart cards. Almost every capital city in the country utilises a form of smart card. To save money, the key is to know the basic rules that come with every kind of travel smart card. Here are the main cities and their corresponding smart cards: Sydney – Opal, Brisbane – Translink, Melbourne – Myki, Perth – Transperth, Canberra – Action, Adelaide – Adelaide Metro, and Hobart – Metro.

Travel during off-peak hours

Save money on cheap transportation by traveling typically between 7AM and 9AM, and 4PM and 6PM. Bear in mind, though, that the off-peak hours may differ between cities so make sure to check their off-peak rules.

Check the event transport calendar

You can travel for free in some scheduled events so regularly check the event transport calendar. You can also directly reach out to the event coordinator to ask if they offer free travel for a specific event.

Take a walk or ride a bike

If your destination is just a short distance away from where you are, consider walking or biking instead of driving or riding a bus or taxi. You can obviously save money and at the same time, walking or biking regularly will do wonders to your health.

Got other tips on cheap transportation in Australia? Share your ideas on how to save money on transportation in the comments section.

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