September 24, 2018

Why Using Public Transport can Save You Money

Travelling with your own car is convenient, but it can be expensive. You’ll pay for gas, maintenance costs, and parking. These can add up and leave a hole in your pocket every month. That’s why many people opt for cheap transportation. That can mean using the public transport such as trains, buses, trams, light rail, as well as ferries depending on which territory or state you live in. These are great alternatives to driving your own car to work or when running errands. Using the public transport also reduces stress levels and traffic congestion.  It likewise decreases air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. More importantly, it can save you money. Here are the reasons why:

Do you live in VIC?

If you’re a Victorian Senior’s Card holder, you can travel anywhere across Victoria on weekends free of charge.

  1. Based on a city-by-city analysis of commuting costs, the yearly cost of owning a car in Melbourne or Sydney reaches an average of $12,600. On the other hand, using public transport costs only about $1850 a year. That’s about $10,700 cost savings annually.
  2. Switching to public transport means you no longer have to pay for car-related expenses such as gas, repair and maintenance, insurance, as well as parking fees.
  3. When you travel during off-peak hours, you can further save money. For Instance, you can travel in Melbourne for free before 7AM on weekdays. In Sydney, you can save about 30% if you travel outside peak hours on weekdays which are from 7AM-9AM and 4PM-6:30PM. In Queensland, you can get a 20% discount if you travel from 8:30AM-3:30PM, and after 7PM until 3AM the next day during weekdays.
  4. Save money on cheap transportation by using your concessions card or seniors card. Eligibility requirements vary per state so make sure to check first if you’re eligible.
  5. If you’re travelling within the Melbourne CBD, you can go around free of charge with the Free Tram Zone. It covers various blocks in the central grid of the state.
  6. If you’re a Victorian Senior’s Card holder, you can travel anywhere across Victoria on weekends free of charge. This also applies to those who receive a pension, carer’s payment or disability support. Those who are in Western Australia and South Australia can also use the public transport on weekends for free, as long as they are valid recipients of carer, aged or disability support pension.
  7. Smart cards offer several benefits to frequent users. Make sure to take advantage of their weekly travel rewards as well as transfer discounts.

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