September 18, 2018

Ways to save money and time for buying and claiming CTP insurance

Use this handy checklist to save you time and money for all things related to car insurance.

Before you buy

Prepare your documents and do a bit of research to ensure you are getting the best deal you can.

What you will need

  • Car registration details
  • Owners identification
  • Credit card or other payment method

What to do

  1. Work out the cheapest name to register and insure the vehicle in – usually the eldest or person with cleanest driving record.
  2. Compare each of the CTP providers
  3. Consider available discounts for multiple products or existing relationships – try your financial institution or insurers you have other insurance policies with.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, make sure you report any accident you wish to make a claim on to the police. If you are not ‘at fault’ then make sure that your insurance company knows this so a claim can be made against the ‘at fault’ person’s own insurance policy.

What you will need

  • ‘At fault’ driver’s registration details
  • ‘At fault’ driver’s CTP insurance details
  • Police accident report reference number
  • Registration and insurance details of other vehicles involved in the accident

What to do

  1. Seek medical immediately. You do not need to wait to make a claim
  2. Exchange details – If you were the ‘at fault’ party then you need to provide the other party with your insurance details so they can make a claim. If someone else was at fault you need to follow information to make a claim against their insurance:
    • License
    • Registration
    • CTP insurance
  3. Report the accident to the nearest police station – any accident in which a person is injured must be reported to the police.
  4. Contact the ‘at fault’ party’s insurance company to start a claim.
  5. Have your medical practitioner complete the medical certificate as part of the claim form.
  6. Claims must be made within nine months of the accident or injuries first appearing. If the ‘at fault’ vehicle cannot be identified, then claims must be made within three months.

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