September 20, 2018

Ways to Save Money by Using Public Transport

If you’re money-conscious, you can leave your car behind and use public transport instead. Here are a few tips to save money by using public transportation:

  • Reduce car-related costs.

    Driving a car comes with a lot of expenses such as fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking. In fact, The RACQ report the annual cost of a medium-sized car in Australia is $11,000. You don’t have to ditch your car completely. But if you can decrease the number of times you use your car and opt for public transport, you can save a lot of money.

  • Know how to get the most out of your smart card.

    Smart cards give you much easier access to various forms of public transport, and you can save money by knowing what these have to offer you, especially if you’re a frequent smart card user. Smart cards offer a lot of benefits. These include weekly travel rewards, transfer discounts, and daily or weekly travel limits so you don’t overspend. Some public transport smart cards also offer lower fares when you travel during off-peak hours and/or on Sundays.

  • Map out your route.

    Know the places you need to go to on a particular day and think about how to get there in the cheapest and fastest way possible. Take note that riding a free shuttle or taking the cheapest form of public transport does not necessarily mean you’ll reach your destination sooner. This depends on how much time you have to travel and your budget so it is better if you know the route/s to get to your destination.

You can also make use of public transport apps that can help you in planning your journey. These apps also provide details on ticket prices and service updates. Here are some of the apps that you can use:

Imagine the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars that you can save every year by leaving your car behind and using public transport. While you do not have to give it up completely, using public transport is a great way to cut costs. Know how to save money by using public transportation so you can make journeys easier on your pocket.

Do you use public transport? If yes, share how you saved money by using public transportation in the comments section below.

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