September 24, 2018

5 Reasons a Secondhand Wedding Dress will Save You Money

A wedding dress is the centerpiece of every wedding, but this piece of clothing can be the most expensive item apart from the reception when you are budgeting for your wedding.

Some brides treat their wedding dress as a special remembrance, while some think of it as a waste if you let the expensive dress collect dust in your wardrobe.

With the many expenses involved, you would want to cut costs as much as possible. Why not reduce the expense on your wedding dress, since you’re only going to be wearing it once in your life? This is one of the best cheap wedding ideas you can use if you’re a money-conscious bride-to-be.

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a secondhand wedding dress to save you money:

You will only wear your wedding dress for one day

For some brides, they treat their wedding dress as a special remembrance of their wedding day, while some think of it as a waste if you let the expensive dress collect dust in your wardrobe. But one thing is for sure, you will only get to wear your wedding dress for one day. A savvy bride-to-be will go for a pre-loved wedding dress instead.

It’s much more affordable

Most of the times secondhand wedding dresses only cost half of their retail prices. With your pre-loved budget wedding dress, you can use the money on something else for your wedding day. The only challenge you will face when finding for one is the style and the size. Granted you can make alterations with the dress, it’s better to get a larger size since it’s easier and cheaper to subtract fabric than add fabric.

A secondhand wedding dress has better quality than a poorly made $50 wedding dress

It’s thrilling to go hunting for a pre-loved wedding dress, especially when you find a designer one that fits like a glove! Compared to a $50 poorly-made wedding dress, you can find bargains on used designer wedding dresses online that will fit your wedding budget.

No one will know that it’s secondhand

Although used, no one can tell if your wedding dress is secondhand. Just make sure that the pre-owned wedding dress you’re interested in is in a pristine condition. You can contact your seller to see if she can show you the current status and the look of the wedding dress. Make sure that the dress was professionally cleaned and stored in a box instead of getting hung in a closet,to avoid deterioration, yellowing and moths.

Secondhand wedding dresses are available online

There are so many listings of secondhand wedding dresses online. You can also go to secondhand stores such as consignment shops. However, the internet still has the biggest inventory. You can snag a Monique Lhuillier for half the price at There are over 60,000 listings for wedding dresses on eBay in Australia, and nearly 11,000 on Gumtree. Here are some other sites you can check out:

Buying a secondhand wedding dress can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Keep an open mind, be creative and have fun! When you stick to your wedding budget, it’s possible to have your fairy tale wedding dream at a more affordable cost.

Did you buy a secondhand wedding dress for your wedding day? We’d love to hear your story!

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