September 23, 2018

Budget Engagement Party Ideas

The engagement party is an exciting affair. It’s a moment to remember even before your wedding day. But just like your big day, planning the engagement party can also be overwhelming, and expensive. There are so many things to take into account, one of which is to ensure that you’re within the wedding budget. Don’t worry. With careful planning and a few tricks, you can pull off an engagement party that doesn’t go over your wedding budget. Here are several engagement party ideas:

An engagement party on a budget is possible

With careful planning and a few tricks, you can pull off an engagement party that doesn’t go over your wedding budget.

Hold a house party

Having an engagement party at home is a popular choice not only because it’s affordable, but also because it’s much easier to play around whatever theme or table spread you want to have when the venue is your home. It’s a fun, relaxed, and laid-back gathering with your family and friends.

Have a garden party

If you’re into the outdoors, host a celebration in your garden or the outdoor area of your parents’ house. You can have a barbecue lunch and picnic food during the day, or some cocktails and an intimate dinner with family and close friends. What’s great about having a garden engagement party is that you don’t have to do anything much in terms of decoration. This can help you stick to your wedding budget.

Host a tea party

Another budget engagement party idea is to have a tea party. It can be at your home or at a local café. Serve some tea and coffee, as well as sandwiches, cupcakes, and other treats so you can have a laid-back and fun party with loved ones.

Go to your favourite local restaurant

For a fuss-free engagement party that doesn’t break the bank, consider having lunch or dinner with family and close friends at your favourite local restaurant. The venue itself is surely full of memories that are dear to you and your friends.

These are just some of the budget engagement party ideas that you may want to consider. Do some research on other ways to host a party without putting a dent on your wedding budget. Bear in mind that an engagement party doesn’t necessarily have to be grand. If you’re on a budget, you can still host a nice and memorable event with family and friends. What’s more important is to have a gathering where you can share the joy of your upcoming wedding.

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