September 20, 2018

5 Budget Wedding Blogs & Websites We Love

A wedding is such an exciting and memorable affair. Imagine celebrating your big day with family and friends – it’s truly an event to remember. Then again, it comes with a price. Sometimes, depending on your preferences, it can be pretty expensive. With so many things to take into consideration, every little cost adds up and before you know it, you’re already over your wedding budget.

Planning a wedding need not be an annoying task. It’s just a matter of proper planning and knowing what you want in your wedding.

Planning a wedding need not be an annoying task. It’s just a matter of proper planning and knowing what you want in your wedding. There are so many resources where you can get inspiration or to better understand how to plan a wedding, and stick to your wedding budget in the process. You can ask your friends, or go online to check wedding blogs or websites.

The good thing is, there are online resources that offer budget wedding ideas. Here are some of them:

1. Nouba Blog

If you are looking for inspiration for a unique wedding, make sure to check out this blog. Whether you want boho or vintage, Nouba is ideal for you. What’s great about this blog is that it has a section that is dedicated to all things DIY. You can get budget wedding ideas on how to create your own decor and floral arrangements.

2. One Fine Day

Those who are planning a wedding in Perth or Melbourne surely have come across this website. Weddings entail a number of suppliers, and at the One Fine Day blog, you will have access to a supplier directory of local wedding vendors.

3. The Bride’s Tree

Planning a wedding in Queensland? Look no further than The Bride’s Tree. It’s a one-stop shop where you can get ideas when it comes to budgeting and how to choose wedding suppliers. It even comes with a downloadable e-book with planning tools.

4. Lenzo

This website has an Instagram account that is so colourful, it’s so hard to miss it. It has a huge directory of wedding suppliers. And if you want to do some DIY projects to save money, this site is also an online marketplace where you can find items such as stationery, props, and other items.

5. Hello May

Still looking for suppliers? Check out this site that comes with a huge directory of suppliers including floral designers and bridal accessories. It also features local weddings around the country as well as features of the bride and groom. You will surely learn a thing or two from their ideas.

Do you have other budget wedding ideas? Share your tips on how to stick to a wedding budget in the comments section.

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