September 23, 2018

Does Having a Destination Wedding Save You Money?

Destination weddings are very popular among many engaged couples in Australia. These bring weddings to a whole new level, with a unique location, a different culture and an exotic cuisine that guests will surely enjoy.

Getting married during an off-season can significantly contribute to your savings

While having a destination wedding is a great idea, it doesn’t come cheap. Just imagine the transportation costs, not to mention that you are planning your big day in a country or area that you’re not familiar with. But can it help save you money? The answer is a big YES. There are so many things that you can do to stick to your wedding budget without sacrificing the overall look and charm that you’re eyeing for in a destination wedding.

Here are some simple budget wedding ideas:

Set a wedding budget

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting affair, and it is very easy to get carried away with all the things to be dealt with that you may overlook your spending. Some additional expenses that may need to be accounted for are marriage license costs, travel insurance, and legal and administrative costs. So before anything else, decide on a wedding budget and try to stick to it.

Choose the right location

Having a regional or an overseas wedding can be expensive not only for the soon-to-be-married couples but also for the guests, especially the transportation costs to reach the wedding destination. Is it easy to go there? Where can we stay and for how many days? How much is the accommodation? Does the resort have amenities for a diverse group of guests? These are all the things that you should consider when choosing a location for your wedding.

Not everybody can attend

A big reason for having a destination wedding is that you can easily keep your guest number down, due to the fact that the distance can make it difficult for some people to travel. This can be great for people wanting to keep their guest list small and therefore, save money by having a smaller wedding. But be careful, as this path might eliminate friends or family members that you really want to share your wedding day with, but they can’t come because of the location.

Take advantage of the off-peak season

Getting married during an off-season can significantly contribute to your savings. Find out what the off-season of the location is. Some resorts offer great deals during times when there is a much lower number of travelers. You can also check the area’s tourism website to ensure that there are no major event on your target wedding date which can lead to higher prices on goods and services.

Ask for wedding packages

Some couples don’t like the idea of having a wedding package since they want to add their own style to their wedding. But this can help you save a lot of money and stick to your wedding budget. A resort will most likely have a list of local suppliers that can offer huge discounts. You can always ask if you can customise some of the elements to incorporate your own style.

Do you have other budget wedding ideas in Australia? Share your tips in the comments section.

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