September 18, 2018

Money Saving Ways for a Beautiful Wedding in the Social Media Age

For a beautiful wedding on a budget, getting super savvy with social media and online research can save you thousands. For a start, as soon as you start searching online for wedding blogs, advice, venues and dresses you’ll start being bombarded with wedding-related ads on your social media accounts. Though some may be annoying, you never know if something could pop up that could score you a bargain.

Here are some saving tips for social media weddings that could keep you on track and save you a bundle.

  1. Manage it all via Google Docs

    Who needs a traditional wedding planner when you can do it all yourself for free using Google wedding planner templates. Track your budget, keep track of quotes for different items and comparative costs and create a wedding day schedule to share with vendors, family and friends. If you prefer to use an app try Bride-ly Buzz Wedding Planner.

  2. Create your own wedding website

    Create your own wedding website for free using Wix.  Choose from hundreds of beautifully designed templates. The process is easy to follow.

  3. Share the buzz

    Communicate important details, especially all those last-minute messages, using the WeddingBuzz Facebook app. You can also share photos, get advice from wedding experts and share ideas with other brides-to-be.

  4. Save on photography

    Hiring a professional photographer only for official wedding portraits and the ceremony and letting your guests capture all the fun at the reception can save hundreds of dollars. Set up a shared Flickr account that guests can upload photos and videos onto then create the same experience as a photo booth for free by streaming the images live onto a screen during the reception using a projector.

  5. Appoint a Live-Tweeter

    Believe it or not, there is a New York based concierge service that sends a Live-Tweeter out to weddings to post photos to Instagram, live-Tweet during the ceremony and live-stream a video of the bridal dance. All for around $1200. Pinch the idea for free by appointing a young friend or relative to the role. It’s a great way for people you couldn’t invite to the wedding or couldn’t make it to feel involved in the whole occasion at a distance.

  6. Use Instagram’s Wedding Hashtag Wall

    Visit Instagram’s Wedding Hashtag Wall, use the free wedding hashtag generator and encourage your guests to use it to live stream photos at your wedding. The site also has a free Instagram wedding sign generator where you can choose your favourite template to create a printable sign to use on the big day so everybody will know what hashtags to use.

Keeping wedding costs down – and having fun sharing all the moments – is a whole lot easier using social media, as these saving tips for social media weddings show!

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