September 26, 2018

Save Money on Your Wedding Shoes

We all know that there are so many elements of a wedding in Australia that make this event expensive. From the gown and suit to flowers, reception, food, invites, and souvenirs, you’ll be facing a big amount when you add everything up. If you have more than enough funds, then you can splurge and get anything that you want for your dream wedding.

Make sure to look for holiday sales and clearance days. You can also go online to get coupon codes.

But this doesn’t mean that if you’re money-conscious, you cannot have the wedding of your dreams. With some creativity, resourcefulness, and a lot of planning, a wedding on a budget can be just as memorable and elegant.

Of course, you want all elements to be perfect, including your wedding shoes, but a pair can still come with a hefty price tag. So how can you save money on your wedding shoes so you can stick to your wedding budget? Here are several ideas to consider:

Look for shoes on sale

Just like in other items, it pays to wait for wedding shoes to go on sale instead of paying its full price. Sometimes, the key here is to know where to look, so make sure to look for holiday sales and clearance days. You can also go online to get coupon codes. Even discounts and promos such as free shipping can help save you money for your wedding on a budget.

Accessorise plain shoes

In some cases, shoes can be expensive because of the embellishments. The more beading or the more intricate the design is, the higher the price. You can stick to your wedding budget by buying a pair of plain shoes and doing your own design. Decorate your own pair with shoe clips to change the look and make it aisle-ready.

Borrow a pair

You will wear it once and only for a few hours, and if you’re not really into shoes, consider borrowing a pair of wedding shoes from a sister, best friend or relative. Take note that it doesn’t have to be white. As long as it’s the right size and goes well with your gown, you’re good to go.

While some may say that you can save on your wedding shoes since those will not be seen with your long gown anyway, but together with other wedding elements, a pair can complete your look on your big day so it still needs careful consideration. Just keep these simple ideas in mind so you can have the right shoes without spending more than what your wedding budget will allow.

Got other tips on how to save money on wedding shoes in Australia? Share your budget wedding ideas in the comments section.

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