September 24, 2018

Use these DIY Wedding Apps to Save Money

Weddings can be expensive. There’s no doubt about it. With so many elements such as flowers, dresses, invitations, souvenirs, food, reception venue, and entertainment, be prepared to shell out a lot of money so you can have your dream wedding.

Well, it shouldn’t be the case. You can still have your moment even if it’s a wedding on a budget. There are so many ways to save money when preparing a wedding, and one of these is the use of DIY wedding apps.

Here are some DIY apps that you can use for your wedding so you can save money:

Appy Couple

Wedding invitations cost money, but you can tick these off your list by using Appy Couple. With this app, you can make your own interactive wedding website so your guests will be informed and updated about your wedding.


Make gift-giving convenient for you and your guests by using WeddingScan.  Build your gift registry by taking a photo of your desired item or scan the barcode, then add a caption.


You can rely on this app for anything related to DIY projects. Get great cheap wedding ideas to create your own wedding inspiration board. This will greatly help in planning for your wedding, saving you both time and money.

Amazing Face

One great budget wedding idea is to do your own hair and makeup for your big day. You can turn to Amazing Face app for beauty tutorials and other DIY makeup tips. Once you’re confident that you can do your own hair and makeup for your wedding, there’s no more need to hire a hairdresser and makeup artist, which saves you a ton of money.

Wedding Budget

Keep track of your wedding budget with this app. It provides a detailed account of all of your wedding-related expenses.


This well-known photo and video app enables all of your guests to share their photos from your wedding in one place. You can create a hashtag that your guests can use to upload their own photos from the event to the app.

These are just some of the many apps that you can use before, during, and even after your wedding. By using these DIY wedding apps, you can save not only time but also money, enabling you to stick to your wedding budget.

Got other cheap wedding ideas? Share your tips on how to have a wedding on a budget in the comments section.

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