September 24, 2018

Wedding Catering on a Budget

When planning a wedding, many couples will tell you that the reception takes a large chunk of a wedding budget. There are many factors to take into consideration and when everything adds up, you’ll face with a hefty price tag on the reception alone. If you plan to have a budget wedding, this can be a problem. The good thing is, there are many cheap wedding ideas that can keep costs down, especially when it comes to your catering or wedding food.

In many cases, a buffet is less expensive compared to serving prepared meals, but the food selection obviously plays a role.

In this article, learn some things to consider to ensure that you will stick to your wedding budget:

Find the right caterer

This goes without saying but in some cases, people still couldn’t get it right, maybe because they didn’t have enough time to choose the right caterer or they didn’t compare rates and offerings of several providers. Since reception food takes a lion’s share of your wedding budget, it only makes sense to choose a caterer that understands your needs and at the same time, can work around the budget that you’ve set.

Serve lunch instead of dinner

Many weddings are held during the late afternoon so the reception and party are held at night. If you serve dinner, guests will expect meat or poultry dishes, and these can be expensive. On the other hand, serving lunch can cut food costs down. Explore food options such as salads and pasta that are usually served during lunch. Also, it is said that people tend to eat and drink less during the day compared to dinner time.

Taking the DIY route is a no-no

Unless you have relatives who have experience in cooking a large amount of food, presentation, and table setup, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself as far as catering is concerned just to stick to your wedding budget. A professional caterer knows the ins and outs of the industry, has the equipment needed for events, and has a network of food and beverage suppliers that may help you score huge discounts.

Look for a budget-friendly buffet

In many cases, a buffet is less expensive compared to serving prepared meals, but the food selection obviously plays a role. It’s a no-no to run out of buffet food, but to go overboard means more money and food wastage. Consider the food options that you will serve, ensuring that these will help you stick to your wedding budget. Salads, pasta, barbeque, and pies are some of the food items that you can consider.

Got other cheap wedding ideas? Share your tips on how to stick to the wedding budget in the comments section.

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