October 23, 2017

Real Estate

Real Estate Australia: Tips and Advice

The real estate industry is always changing, with more and more people becoming real estate owners or getting themselves ready to become a part of it. Investing in real estate in Australia has been a good choice for many, since the market is very stable and always busy. The real estate industry has been characterised over the years with very stable long-term valuations, lower interest rates, high yields, but as well access to funding and population and economic growth.


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Fixed Rate Home Loan vs Variable Rate Home Loan

Are you planning to buy a house in the near future? One of the...

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Body Corporate Fees Explained

What is a body corporate? This is created when an Australian property investor buys...

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What is rentvesting and is it a good idea?

Who doesn’t want to have their dream home? Owning a home is a great...

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More affordable options to enter the property market

Getting into the world of real estate investment obviously costs money, and with the...

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How to Search for Your Dream Home and Stay within Your Budget

Buying real estate in Australia is a milestone that needs careful consideration. After all,...

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10 Features of a Good Suburb

The real estate industry in Australia is continuously growing, with more and more homes...

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How Does Conveyancing Work in Australia?

If you’re planning to buy or sell a property, update a property title, or...

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The Benefit of Home Staging When You Sell Your Property

It has always been said, “first impressions last”. This can’t be any truer when...

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What is a Land Tax Calculator?

There are so many things to consider when purchasing a property. One of these...

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Why a Building and Pest Inspection is Important When Buying a Property

Investing in real estate in Australia is likely to be the greatest financial decision...

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