September 20, 2018

6 Things Highly Successful People Do in their 20s

What do successful people do in their 20s? Highly successful people do not get that way by chance – they work hard and they start young. They think about the future and start planning. They realise that, while it’s important to have fun when you’re young, it’s important to balance this with a mature eye to the future.

Here are 6 things successful people do in their 20s:

  1. They find a job they love

    Highly successful people realise in their 20s that they have many decades of working life ahead of them so it might as well be satisfying and increasingly lucrative. A dead end job just for a weekly pay cheque is not for them. They aim for a career. They don’t mind starting at the bottom, as long as they have the opportunities to learn new skills that will be to their advantage in the future and lead to higher earning capacity.

  2. They keep learning

    In their 20s, highly successful people keep learning. Not just through formal education but through reading, online courses and by seeking out mentors who can guide and advise them. They learn how to manage their finances, learn new skills and set themselves on the path to success and financial freedom.

  3. They do not use credit cards

    Credit card debt at a young age is a noose clever people in their 20s avoid. They live within their means and when they are aiming to do something special, such as taking an overseas holiday, they plan for it and save. They spend sparingly on luxuries such as the latest fashion and technology and always ask: “Do I really need this?” before making any large purchases. They learn to budget and pay bills on time in order to avoid late payment fees and keep a clean credit record so that in the future, when they are looking to secure a home loan or business loan, lenders will look at them favourably.

  4. They avoid all addictions

    In their 20s, successful people like to have fun and go out and play but avoid all addictive substances and other potentially addictive activities such as gambling, not just because of potential damage to their health but also because of the financial drain that could damage their future.

  5. They look at the big picture

    Successful people start in their 20s with a curiosity about the world and global conditions. They stay alert to what is happening globally and how it could affect their future. They stay aware of broad movements and changes that could impact them. They ask themselves whether advances in artificial intelligence could wipe out their job security, how globalisation could affect their career in the future, what opportunities it could hold for them to start their own business?

  6. They join a superannuation fund

    Clever people join a superannuation fund to save for their retirement, even if they are doing casual jobs or are self-employed. People in their 20s can look forward to earning higher wages in the future, but will also have greater responsibilities such as supporting children and paying off a home loan. Clever people in their 20s realise that their best opportunity to save money is while they are young and have fewer financial responsibilities.

Truly successful people realise that making smart decisions and taking financial responsibility early in adult life is the way to financial freedom in the future. Take heed of these 6 things highly successful people do in their 20s and you too can get the best possible start to a financially secure life.

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