September 20, 2018

8 lifestyle changes to make in your 20s to set yourself up for a better life

By using your 20s to learn, work hard, spend wisely and invest you will set yourself up for a wealthy life. By establishing good spending habits, you will be saving yourself a fortune over your life time and by investing as much as possible you can set yourself up.


Start planning and goal setting. The easiest way to achieve anything is to do it step by step. By having a plan and setting goals in your 20s you are in a better position to achieve them. Having a financial plan is the most important element to setting yourself up for a better life.


Invest in yourself through training and education. Getting good qualifications and experience when your young will enable much higher wages in the future. Also learn ‘life skills’ so you don’t have to pay people to do basic task for you like tax returns or home maintenance.

Earn more

Look for opportunities to increase your income, either though your current employment or side jobs. Your 20s are the best time to invest money because it has the longest time to accumulate and grow.

Establish saving habits

Start saving a percentage of your income every pay. Do it automatically every week before you spend any money from each pay. Start off low and increase it slowly over time, working toward a large portion of your income like 30% or even 50%. Make sure you increase it as your income increases.

Establish good spending habits

Learn to control your emotions when it comes to spending money. Delaying purchase with a ‘To buy’ list and tracking spending are great ways to make yourself more accountable, aware and in control of how your money is used.


Long term investing is a good way to become wealthy. You do not need to a big income if you start early, make regular contributions and allow compounding to work over a long period.


Exploring isn’t just about travelling, but about finding out what other opportunities there are. By constantly exploring you are more exposed to new opportunities and able to continual develop and improve, which should bring new income earning potential.

Be debt free

Debt is an expensive habit and should be avoided except when purchasing a home. Learn to live off the money you earn not what you can borrow.

By changing bad habits in your 20s you will are giving yourself the best chance at financial security and setting yourself up for a better life.

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