October 20, 2018

5 Free Activities to Do with Your Kids on Holidays

“The best things in life are free.” This is true in so many aspects, especially when it comes to parenting and bonding with your kids. With so many family expenses and parenting payment to deal with, it’s good to know that there are activities that you can do with your kids on holidays without having to spend money.

Here are five free activities to do with your children. These are not only budget-friendly but also foster better family relationships:

Tell stories

Whether reading to them or listening to them as they read their favorite stories, storytelling is such a wonderful activity that offers a lot of benefits. Storytelling improves their reading and comprehension skills, enhances creativity, and stirs their imagination. Your kids can also dress up as the characters in the story, making the activity more fun. And it’s totally free!

Visit museums and galleries

Most communities have a lot to offer as far as free entertainment is concerned. Local museums and galleries often have free exhibits that kids will surely love. They will also get to know more about their own community.

Go outdoors

Local parks, playgrounds, and botanical gardens are ideal venues for free activities. Have a picnic, go biking or running, take a short hike, play with your dogs, read under the trees – you and your kids can do a lot outdoors without shelling out money. Spending time outdoors will also help them to stay active and healthy.

Have fun with arts and crafts

Engage your kids with activities that will develop their creative side. Have fun making scrapbooks, pop-up cards, and necklaces with beads. Most of the materials can be found around the house so there’s no need to spend money.

Head to the beach

You cannot go wrong with spending a day at the beach with your kids. Enjoy swimming and building sand castles. Take a walk, play Frisbee or simply enjoy the view. You can also bring your own snacks so you don’t have to spend money.

Final Thoughts Leading into School Holidays

Parenting is a lot of work. Parents are usually busy with work and household chores that sometimes, time with your kids is limited. Take advantage of the holidays – bond with your kids and keep them busy without spending a penny. While parenting entails a lot of effort, it’s also very rewarding. So take time to connect with your kids with these free activities. You’ll find that it’s time well-spent.

Got other tips for fellow Australian parents on  free activities for kids during holidays? You can share your ideas with other parents in the comments section.

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